• Dinner specials

    Serves 4pm to 9pm . No substitutions on dinner specials. It includes soup or salad, grilled vegetables and your choice of Greek rice, mashed potatoes, corn or French fries. Bakes potatoes available after 5pm.

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    Monday Fish & Chips

    Gyro Platter



    Tuesday Chicken Strip Plate

    Meatloaf Dinner


    Wednesday Tilapia (grilled)

    Ground Sirloin Steak


    Thursday Grilled Chicken

    Roast beef dinner


    Friday Mr. D's Steak (8oz)

    Shrimp Skewers


    Saturday Mr. D's Steak(8oz)

    Pork Chop (12 oz)



    Sunday Meat loaf dinner

    Roast Turkey Dinner